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Образование в Турции

We are www.education- in- turkey.com offering the below programs

  1. University Preparation courses (English and Turkish)


About Turkey Universities

  • Till end of 2010 for foreign students there was foreign students exam in order to come to study in Turkey and this was made by Turkish embassies which is located in foreign countries

And also there were quota for each Countries

  • Since last year (end of 2010) our Government cancelled that exam (foreign students exam ) and quota, now all foreign students can come easily to Turkey for studying, as a first step you should send your students to our language courses in order to prepare them for turkey Universities

  • The tuition fees are in turkey between 500$ till 2500$ for instance medicine is 1200 euro engineering 1000 euro business 800 euro

  • Turkey university tuition fees are lower than other many countries because Turkey governments wants to make Turkey education center in The world and doesn’t look education as business and supports this project

  • Turkey universities education acridity is accepted internationally and education quality is very high standards and Turkey is the member of Bologna

  • There is 2 type of subjects in turkey universities some subjects are 100% in Turkish some subjects are 70% English and 30% Turkish, in both case Turkish is mandatory

  • In order to apply to turkey universities there is 2 steps

first step is to pass language exam depending on the subject which student has chosen and second exam is university entrance exam which is done by the university (if the student already has passed his national university entrance exam in his own country that exam is also accepted as he passed from exam for instance in Russian spoken countries this exam is ABITURENT in Middle east SAT or GCE and other exams in other Countries )

  • Most of the turkey universities doesn’t have preparation courses and like us Private Language Courses Preparing international students for turkey universities

  • There is about 160 universities in Turkey 30% is private and 70% is state universities, education is in English in Private Universities and tuitions are around 10000$ state Universities are more affordable

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